About me

Farmer Tõnis

Name: Tõnis

Age: 34

Occupation: Entrepreneur/Farmer

Education: 2011 University of Tartu, BA in Political Science
2011 Järvamaa Vocational Education Centre, Farmer Level III

I have had exposure to agriculture since early childhood, but I seriously started running a farm in 2011. As of today, I manage most tasks independently on a 280-hectare farm. I cultivate winter wheat, winter barley, rapeseed, spring barley, and field peas in Jõgevamaa. There are no animals, and there are no plans for them.

I have always considered development and keeping up with the times essential. To enhance my production efficiency, I utilize precision farming techniques such as autopilot and location-based fertilization and spraying. I analyze my activities and make decisions based not only on intuition but also on real data.

In the fall of 2022, I began sharing my activities on Instagram and have since gained over 10,000 followers from Estonia and around the world, with this number steadily growing. I am the first farmer in Estonia to share my daily activities so extensively on social media. I post daily humorous and educational video clips and texts. In the future, I hope to share my experiences beyond Instagram.

Feel free to contact me with questions or collaboration inquiries through the contact form.